How will we ensure snow?

The ski park at Velka Chuchle race track in prague is supported by Prague city and maintanined by Kryathlon race partner Sportsgroup.

The ski track will be prepared according to the climatic conditions in the vicinity of the main stand and on the surface of the parking lot. Its length is dependent on climatic conditions, especially on the number of freezing days. For the best circuit to be produced good climatic conditions are required (- 3° C or less) in the area to produce artificial snow and if so the final length of the circuit will be about 1000 meters, width 6 meters and is groomed daily for classic and skating. If there is enough natural snow the circuit will be extended. Once the circuit is produced it will usable for some time even in the case of bad climatic conditions.


Why is it called Kryathlon?

The word κρύο (cryo) is Greek and means "icy cold". From that word cryo we have modified it to just simply “kry” and thus “Kryathlon.”

It is also true to say that Hippocrates, the so called father of modern medicine was an advocate of the benefits of cold water so in some way the inspiration for Kryathlon goes back to ancient Greece.





What equipment do I need for the race?

For swimming in cold water, it is mandatory to use a silicone or neoprene Cap. To swimming goggles. The shoes are allowed in the water.

We recommend to run regular cross-country equipment. Cross-country ski equipment can be rented at the Skipark on race day.

How to adapt to cold water

There is no doubt that cold water represents a big challenge to the human organism. However, humans are very adaptable and we can swim in cold water safely for short periods of time. The first priority is to be checked by a doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to start swimming in cold water. Next you can proceed with daily cold showers and swimming in cold water. The best way is to start swimming in warmer water and gradually get used to colder water as the winter starts. You simply decrease the immersion time as the water gets colder. By the end of the season you may be able to spend up to 20mins in water below 4c without any problems. Although this is the recommended way, many people have started with cold water swimming directly in the winter without problems. With this method it is necessary to limit the amount of immersion time in the water. Aside from being healthy, it is also important to listen to your body and not over do it. Joining a winter swimming club such as 1.PKO is highly recommended.


Introduction to Kryathlon

For the first time in history a Kryathlon race will take place at prague Velka Chuchle on February the 1st 2015. The Kryathlon is quite simply a “real winter triathlon”, combining winter swimming, running and cross country skiing on a prepared track with manufactured snow. The latter 2 disciplines are well known but the former is something relatively unknown. Winter swimming is defined as swimming in a regular swimsuit and cap in open water 4c or below. As such it is a very tough sport. However, at the same time it is very rewarding and is open to all healthy adults. This world first Kryathlon promises to be a an exciting and gruelling event as the participants face a freezing cold *250m river swim followed by a 2.5km run over terrain and then a 3km ski on a prepared track. The winner will be the fastest but in reality all the participants will be winners and will be able to proudly say on completion “I am a Kryathlete”.

*Recognizing the difficulty of the swim discipline it has been decided that in this first kryathlon there will be a “soft” category for those that will swim 25m in the icy water rather than the full 250m distance.





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