What is a Kryathlon race?

Racers will swim 25 or 250 m in the Vltava river depending on if they choose the short Kryathlon or the standard Kryathlon, respectively.  No wetsuits will be allowed. Water temperature will be around 3c. The start will be in the water, no jumping or diving will be allowed. safety boats and staff will be there to ensure smooth running. In the transition area between swimming and running there will be tents.

Next the racers, will put on their clothes and when ready they will run 2.5km through to the race track finishing near the cross country skiing circuit. At this point the racers will put skis and ski boots on and start skiing on a prepared track for 5km. It will be freestyle cross country skiing. The winner will be the first to finish having completed all disciplines.






Information for competitors

Kryathlon you can participate even if you're not used to swimming in cold water. In this case, the promoter requires confirmation from a doctor that you have enough health for winter swimming. If you decide to undergo a full track kryatlonu with 250 m swimming segment, we want you to join at least one workout the 1. PKO and test their skills there or to provide confirmation that you like test in cold water in somewhere else.
As such it is a very tough sport. However, at the same time it is very rewarding and is open to all healthy adults.



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Proposition of competition

Organizer: International Kryathlon Association

Date: Sunday, 5th February 2017, 11:00 a.m.

Place of competition: SkiPark Velka Chuchle, Praha 5

GPS: 50°0'32.387"N, 14°23'22.049"E

Attendance: 08:30 - 10:00 a.m.


Check-in to: Will open November, 2016


Variants of race:

1) Kryathlon / Super Kryathlon

Swimming (in cold water): 250 m / 500 m

Run: 2.5 km / 5 km

Cross country skiing: 3 km / 5 km

2) Short Kryathlon

Swimming (in cold water): 25 m

Run: 2.5 km

Cross country skiing: 3 km


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